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This is a preview. We'll have the full ~40min version ready to share soon.

About the Film

The accelerating pace of technological change and global connectivity has enabled a great deal of progress, but has required increasingly complex systems for organizing modern civilization.

Neither technology itself nor the twentieth century institutions of media, finance, and government seem to offer much hope for making sense of the inscrutable structures that dictate much of our lives, so we're left searching for a modern folklore that can provide some form of understanding and meaning.

Perhaps noir can offer us some clues as we face these dilemmas of modernity.

Release Info

We plan to do some small live screenings at small/indie theaters, event spaces, and festivals. If you'd like to arrange a screening, email us at To get notified about streaming release of the full film and live screenings, sign up HERE.

About Us

This is the first film project either of us has worked on. It has been a ton of fun, and we are excited to share the full version soon. The idea for this project came out of a series of seminars we hosted over the past few years at MIT's IAP on the intersection of topics like computation, consciousness, complexity, narrative, work, art, and dignity.

a film project by rob and kortina